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Patient Resources //

At Physical Therapy Doctors, our goal is to provide elite-level physical therapy services regardless of the type of insurance you may have. Our doctors of physical therapy provide evidence-based physical therapy practice, and pride themselves on their one-on-one, hands-on, personalized model of care, provided to each patient.  

Frequently Asked Questions//
  1. Do you accept Medicare?

Yes, we are a Florida Medicare provider and serve Medicare-insured patients.

   2. Do you require a prescription from a physician?

In the state of Florida, the patient has the option to select a Physical Therapy provider of their choice and receive physical therapy evaluation and treatment without a physician’s referral or prescription. If the physical therapy care plan exceeds 30 days, then a prescription will be required.


 3. Physical Therapy Doctors' Model of Care

At Physical Therapy Doctors we pride ourselves on our holistic approach, evaluating the patient's whole body to uncover the root cause of their health challenge. Our doctors of physical therapy offer a customized and unique treatment plan for each patient, delivered in a One-on-One, hands-on, personalized model of care.  


 3. Physical Therapy Doctors' referral process

We make it easy to refer patients to us. Simply fax over your prescription with the patient information and we will take care of the rest. You can also click here to access the referral form. For our fax numbers click here

Health plans //

- Medicare

- Tricare

- Medicare Advantage

- Workers' Comp

- Health Savings Accounts

- Commercial Insurance - PPO Plans

- Self Pay

- Others

Please contact your insurance provider for an explanation of your out-of-network benefits.

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