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Patient Resources //

At Physical Therapy Doctors, our goal is to provide elite-level physical therapy services regardless of the type of insurance you may have. We provide affordable flat rates with no deductibles or co-pays and great savings via our special offers and packages. We serve patients with no insurance, and also patients insured via Medicare, Tricare, HSA, and some PPO Plans.

Frequently Asked Questions//
  1. Do you accept Medicare?

Yes, we are a Florida Medicare provider and serve Medicare-insured patients.

   2. What is Cash-Based billing?

Cash-based billing means that patients pay directly with cash, credit card, or debit card, at the time of service or treatment


  3. Why Cash-Based?

Our cash-based billing model is an affordable flat rate for patient-focused quality care. There are no co-pays, deductibles, hidden costs, or fees, and health insurance is not required. Cash-based clinics provide the opportunity for patients to get the healthcare they need when they need it.


  4.  Do you require a prescription from a physician?

In the state of Florida, the patient has the option to select a Physical Therapy provider of their choice without a referral for up to 30 days (this is known as limited direct access). If treatment is required after 30 days, a prescription will be required.

Health plans //

- Self-Pay


- Medicare

- Tricare

- Health Savings Accounts

- Other Medical Insurance - PPO Plans




Please contact your insurance provider for explanation of your out-of-network benefits package to you.


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